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 Get ready for the greatest database of English and Japan Mangas collected together in one place. Our Manga Comics has no limits, no boundaries, all the wildest dreams and pleasures come true! In Manga, nothing is sacred - sex and fantasies are both graphic and come by the bucket-load.
 Imagine waking up in a world where anything is possible. Welcome to MANGA DATABASE where anything can, will and does happen. The world of MANGA fully explores the unlimited capacity of animation and computers to visualise the furthest recesses of the human mind. An incredible feast of animation that ranges from comedy adventure to mind expanding science fiction.
Fate Delusions of Grandeur
These are English and Japanese mangas in color & bw. All mangas are also available as zip files for faster downloading.
Over Flow
Get the best of the Japanese Manga, US and European Comics - Read hardcore adventures of famous manga & comics.
The One You Love to Hate
Famous Japanese Dickgirls (Shemales) -Yaoi (Gay) Manga stories -Hardcore Demons & Aliens -Famous Anime Doujinshi
Hounyuu Hyakkei
Get ready for the great database of English and Japan Mangas collected together in a place with zip files downloadable.
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